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Friday, 02 October 2015 22:29


( Adopted at the AGM of 01/12/2013)

1. NAME.

The name of  the Society shall be “THE NORTH WALES ARCHERY SOCIETY” hereinafter referred to as NWAS or 'the Society'. The postal address shall be that of the Hon. Secretary.  The Society shall be affiliated to the WELSH ARCHERY ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as WAA.



The principal function of NWAS shall be the administration of the northern area of the WAA.  This area shall be construed as comprising the counties and other administrative areas of Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Isle of Anglesey, and Wrexham .



The objects of the Society shall be:

a) To further the sport of archery in the North Wales area;

b) To unite all archery clubs in North Wales;

c) To revive and maintain historic meetings and to establish new ones;

d) To encourage and maintain high standards of sportsmanship in archery;

e) To publish information from NWAS and WAA;

f) To establish and maintain a coaching structure that delivers high-quality individualised coaching  to North Wales archers;

g) To provide all services in a way that is fair to and that meets the needs of all its members.


a) No archer, other than a member of GNAS or a member of a society affiliated to FITA, may compete in the NWAS championships.

b) Only archers affiliated to NWAS may compete for and hold NWAS Championships.



The NWAS shall consist of Affiliated Clubs and Members as follows:

a) Direct Members; members who are Direct Members of GNAS and are normally resident in North Wales and who have paid an affiliation fee directly to NWAS and WAA;

b) Affiliated Archery Clubs; archery clubs constituted under GNAS regulations, and established within the recognised North Wales Area of WAA;

c) Associate Members; members of affiliated archery clubs;

d) Junior Associate Members; members of affiliated Archery Clubs who are under 18 years of age;

e) University Associate Members; members of affiliated University Archery Clubs;

f) Disabled Associate Members; members of affiliated Disabled Archery Clubs;

g) Honorary Members; elected at a General Meeting

Any person who is a member of GNAS shall be eligible for membership.


The management of the NWAS shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee.


In the event of an emergency the Secretary and either the Chairman or the elected Executive Committee Member responsible for the area in which the emergency has arisen shall have the power to take any remedial action they collectively deem necessary.


a) The Executive Committee shall consist of the following elected officers;

i. President

ii. Chairman

iii. Secretary

iv. Treasurer

v. Records Officer

vi. Tournament Organiser

vii. Public Relations Officer

viii. Child protection Officer

b) The Executive Committee shall also include the following posts:

i. One Delegate from each Affiliated Club;

ii. The County Coaching Organiser, appointed at the Annual General Meeting;

iii. One Delegate to the WAA Regional Council, appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

c) The President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a three year period at the AGM, with the periods of office of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer being arranged so that no two are elected in any one year. All other Officers shall be elected for a one year term.  All Officers shall be eligible for re-election, except that the President and Chairman shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms. After retiring from office for not less than one year, the member shall be eligible for re-election as President or Chairman.

d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacant posts other than that of President by co-option, and to co-opt the Team Manager, County Development Officer and such additional members as may be required from time to time. If the posts of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer become vacant during the course of their normal term, the co-option shall run only until the next AGM, at which time the Officer shall be elected in the first instance only for the balance of the term.

e) The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times per year.

f) Any member of the Society may attend a meeting of the Executive Committee to observe proceedings and may participate in discussions but may not vote.

g) All members of the Executive Committee listed in Sections (a) and (b) above shall be entitled to vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman (or in the absence of the Chairman, the person elected by those present to chair the meeting) shall have a casting vote.

h) The quorum for any Executive Committee meeting shall be at least two persons elected in accordance with Section (a) above plus at least three persons appointed under Section (b).


a) The AGM shall be held on the first Sunday in December, or as early as may be conveniently arranged in December.

The purpose of the AGM shall be:

· To receive reports

· To elect officers and to make other appointments to the Executive

· To decide membership fees.

· To debate motions proper to the AGM.

b) Notice of the AGM shall be made to Club Secretaries and Direct Members not less than six weeks prior to the meeting.

c) Notices of motions to be moved at the AGM, and nominations for office, shall be lodged with the Secretary no later than three weeks prior to the AGM.

d) Notice of the Agenda for the AGM  shall be made to Clubs and Direct Members not later than two weeks prior to the AGM.

e) Notice shall be deemed to have been made to Direct Members if the information is posted on the Society's website by the required date.


a) An EGM may be called at any time by the Executive Committee.

b) An EGM may also be called at the request of not less than three Affiliated Clubs, addressed in writing to the Secretary, giving the specific reason for the request.

c) The notice periods and notification requirements for an EGM shall be as for the Annual General Meeting.


a) All Members other than Junior Associate Members shall be entitled to vote on any matter at a General Meeting.

b) At the AGM when an equal number of votes are cast for two or more candidates for any elected post, the Ballot shall be decided by lot.

c) The Constitution may only be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

d) In all other matters put before the AGM, decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of those Members present and voting.

e) There shall be no proxy voting.

f) In the case of any disputes, a final decision shall be given by the Officer presiding at the meeting who shall also have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

g) A full list of elected officers shall be provided to the WAA as soon as possible after the AGM.

h) The quorum for general meetings shall be 20 Members who are entitled to vote on the date of the meeting.


a) Clubs shall each year remit to the Society Treasurer by 30th September the appropriate NWAS affiliation fees, together with a list of the names of each archer, including the date of birth of each junior member.

b) In the case of new archers joining a club during the year (i.e. not included in the annual re-subscription list) fees must be remitted to the Society Treasurer on a quarterly basis, together with the information required in Section (a) above.

c) The membership year of the Society shall be from 1st October to 30th September to coincide with those of GNAS and WAA. Members joining the Society during the year shall pay a pro rated subscription calculated in quarterly increments.

d) An independent auditor shall be appointed annually at the AGM.

e) A copy of the Audited Accounts shall be circulated to club secretaries with the notice of the Agenda.


All NWAS members shall adhere to the doping policies adopted by GNAS, WAA and Sport Wales as published from time to time.


All NWAS Affiliated Clubs and Members shall adhere to the policies of GNAS, WAA and Sport Wales regarding the welfare of children, young persons and vulnerable adults within the Sport of Archery as published from time to time.


a) All Clubs and Members shall accept the jurisdiction of the WAA and the NWAS and shall conform to such conditions, policies, shooting rules and regulations as they may publish from time to time.

b) Any offence or misconduct must be reported to WAA and NWAS within one month of the offence taking place.

c) If any Club or Member shall be deemed guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable that such a Club or Member shall continue their membership of the NWAS, the Executive Committee shall, after affording such Club or Member a reasonable opportunity to present a defence of their conduct and within two months of the alleged offence being reported to them determine whether or not the Club or Member shall retain membership of the NWAS.

d) The Club or Member shall have the right to refer any disputed decision to WAA and GNAS for a further ruling.


This Constitution shall be reviewed at intervals of not more than two years.


The Society may only be dissolved at a General Meeting by the unanimous agreement of all Associated Clubs. In the event of the Dissolution of the NWAS, any residual funds, following the disbursement of all debts and claims against the NWAS, shall be held in trust by the WAA until such time as a successor Association or Society with similar aims shall be formed.


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